Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Busy

Well so much for trying to post everyday! Yikes I really need to get back on track and manage my time better. I have super busy making paper pinwheels. The past few weeks alone I have orders totalling over 315 pinwheels! I have 150 done though so I'll keep plugging away. Pinwheels and bloomers were big sellers for us in the month of July. Who would have thought! Last week we added hanging dish towelsto our line up. These are awesome and only $10!!!They are so pretty and useful! I also would use them when I go camping (if I get the time) they will stay clean longer this way.
  • Apples & Pears Remarkable Hanging Dish Towels
    $10.00 USD

  • Red Remarkable Hanging Dish Towels
    $10.00 USD

  • Damask Remarkable Hanging Dish Towels
    $10.00 USD

  • Microfiber Remarkable Hanging Dish Towels
    $10.00 USD

  • Remarkable Microfiber Hanging Dish Towels
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    DoodleDollies said...

    Those are beautiful!! I know about meaning to post everyday, but just never getting to it!! Wow those are a lot of orders!! Thats great!! but a lot of work too!!

    good luck!