Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interview With The House of Random

Thursday is interview day at The House of Random Blog. However, I set this blog up yesterday and did not have time to set up anyone to interview. So I am going to interview our shop.

Where did the name The House of Random come from?

We were preparing for a craft show and needed a name to put on the registration form quickly, we ended up putting down 6 Crafty Hands. The name was just too generic for us so we started brainstorming and someone said something about our stuff being so random it was hard to really get a name. Then we realized that was it, we would be House of Random, except that name was taken on Etsy so we added The to it and Viola! The House of Random was born.

Why "random"? Why not focus in on one product or theme?

Well that is boring. On my (Daniyal) personal blog I Don't Sew you will see this whole thing started as a personal adventure of discovering my crafty side. I don't have one thing I have perfected and want to produce in mass. I am still discovering all different aspects of being creative. As for the other two members they may be a little more sure of what they are doing. Laura makes amazing little girls skirts. The detail and time she puts into picking fabrics and making sure the hems are well surged is impressive. She also makes the bib and burp cloth sets and key fobs and the purses. The purse gave her such a hard time cause she wanted them to be perfect and very well made I am afraid we well never carry purses again! Denise makes these awesome retro style aprons, little girls bloomers, and hats. She also is one to make sure to take the time to do it right not just slap something together. That is part of the reason I wanted to do this with them. As for me everything is basically an experiment I feel turned turn out right. Maybe one day we will hone in on a specific product but not any time soon.

You read a lot about "branding" on Etsy. Do you feel you have created a brand?

Actually not yet. We are definitely working on it. I have two very talented younger brothers and one of them is an artist. My brother Samm is working on a logo for us to use. We want that to be right, something we stick with and people can easily recognize. So brand coming soon!

Thank you for reading me interview myself!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Going

Welcome to the official blog for the Etsy shop The House of Random! Some of you may have gotten here from my personal blog I Don't Sew. I am still going to be blogging there about my personal crafting adventures and mishaps. This blog is more about cultivating our business and what is going on with The House of Random as a whole. Who knows there may even be posts by the other two members on here.

The House of Random is made up of three stay-at-home moms from Northern California. Between us there are eight children aging in range from around 11 to 2 years old. Five girls and three boys. You can read about the series of events that led up to the opening of our Etsy shop here. I am still sure one day we look back and laugh about that day but even a month later we are still not ready.

I will be setting a regular schedule of daily posts for this blog. If you are interested in being featured here or on I Don't Sew please let me know. This blog will be posting features on Tuesdays and Etsy seller interviews on Thursdays. I Don't Sew will be doing a Feature Friday as it's own page and giveaway's, but not interviews. Make sense? Questions? Can you tell I bought The Etsy Seller Kit?