Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today has been full of great news for The House of Random, both the blog and the shop. The House of Random has been open only two months and the shop averages one sale a week (I included sales we made outside of Etsy in that number) and we made a sale today! For this blog,Stumble Upon sent out emails to certain people recommending this blog to read. I find that so mind blowing considering it only had two posts and 9 followers. I have to credit amazing friends and fellow Etsy shops for recommending us. Thank you all so much. I am sure most of you know how much any recognition means to me, either because you know me personally or because your blog and shop mean as much to you and you spend almost as much time trying to promote as you do actually creating. Today I will keep it short and sweet because I am working on Thursday's interview and writing a piece as a guest blogger for a fellow Etsy shop owners new blog. More details coming soon! Including giveaways! I appreciate you for reading my blogs and visiting my shop and all the love, support, and promotion I feel at this moment.

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